International conference
Thursday, 17th April 2014
M hotel Ljubljana

Target Public

  • Businessmen, managers, CEOs of large, middle and smaller companies, who want to be in touch with the most recent ways of using new technologies in ensuring companies success;

  • Chairmen, IT and system administrators in public and private companies, interested in the needs and dilemmas of ICT users;

  • Experts in the field of Cognitive Science, communication sciences and artificial intelligence

  • Chairmen, Board members and Members of supervisory board in public and private organizations, who would like to enrich their knowledge of new ways of ICT usage in various areas;

  • Representatives of Banks, Insurance companies, and other financial institutions;

    Faculty professors, assistants, researchers and students;

  • Principals, teachers, and others working in the education and schooling sector, who strive for a more rapid introduction of new technologies in educational institutions;

  • Health care workers, pharmacists and others who work in the field of health care and medicine, interested in the development of medical informatics;

  • All, who want to know more about safety, control, and privacy of using the information systems;

  • All who are interested in the development and current condition of information technologies in the time of economic recession and also world electronic commerce trends.